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Christmas is almost here so get ready to party party party!

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christmas-party-ideas-2011-2012Well, I am at the last show before my Christmas vacation.

Todays show was a private house party in Vancouver, BC and it was fun fun fun!

Now that it’s done it’s time for me to relax until my next 3 shows which are not until New Years Eve!

All that remains for me to do is to wish everyone who visits us here at MagicShow2Go a happy Holiday Season. Thank you to all of my customers old and new in 2011 who helped make this another great year!

Don’t forget, MagicShow2Go has been the #1 choice in Vancouver, British Columbia for more than 10 years when it comes to talented magicians and we will continue to provide the very best in magical entertainment to British Columbians through the New Year!

Happy Holidays from MagicShow2Go :)

Matthew Johnson is a Fun-ghi!

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mistyOn the 17th of December I was invited to perform for a Vancouver company by the name of Misty Mountain Specialties.

Misty Mountain Specialties is a well-established company in Canada that deals in wild and domestic mushrooms and other specialty forest products.

I was booked to perform my 45 minute stand up comedy magic show for a group of 50 guests. A small group but good fun!

The event took place at the Continental Seafood Restaurant in Richmond, BC.

A BIG thank you to David Lee Kwen and all of that staff!

3 shows in one day. Go, Go, Go!!!!

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kids-at-panorama-school1The 16th of December was a fairly busy day with 3 shows booked in the same day!

For the first show I was invited to Panorama Elementary School by Bill Cousineau and his great group of staff and teachers. I set up the show and was ready to go as 400 kids aged kindergarten to grade 7 streamed in to the gymnasium.

I love BIG shows like this, they are SO much fun!!! The energy off a group of kids like this is absolutely AMAZING!!! It’s one of those shows where you catch yourself in the moment and think….WOW!!! I am having so much fun :)

The show at Panorama finished at 2:00pm and then I had a few hours to head home and change for my next event.

The next performance was 1 hour of close up magic at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club which is situated down at Jericho Beach in Kitsilano, Vancouver. This seroyal-vancouver-yacht-clubcond show was from 7pm to 8pm and was fo a great company by the name of West Point Sales Inc. Doug Puddifant invited me back for my 3rd year in a row to perform for his staff and clients. I always have a great time with Doug and the hour goes by way too fast!

See you again next year Doug!!!

The last show was for the staff at Law firm Murray/Jamieson.

murrayAlison Murray and the staff at Murray Jamieson Barristers and Solicitors have been enjoying my strolling magic at their Halloween event and Christmas event every year for the past 5 or 6 years! I love it when clients keep inviting me back time and time again. It’s a great boost as you always know you are doing the right thing and that you are good at your job when they keep inviting you back.

The last show finished at about 11:00pm. By the time I got home it was very late but the day had been great and all shows went really well!

Hope to see you all again next December!

L’ecole Bilingual School Christmas Show was GREAT fun!

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elem_ecolebilingue_015th of December and already the biggest part of the way through the month :) Not long until Christmas now!!! Exciting stuff :)

I was at L’ecole Bilingual School today performing my Christmas Magic Show. Elaine Kennedy and all of her staff are wonderful and have been booking me to perform at this school for various events throughout the year for many many years now. Elaine even booked me to perform a magic show at her wedding reception last year which was a real honor!

The kids are always a lot of  fun at this school and full of energy! I love it when the children are acting like they just ate a pound of sugar, it always makes for an interesting, high energy show!

L’ecole is a full French Immersion Centre and they do a great job! You should visit them at their website by clicking here

Audi and Canadian Airways

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audi-logoDecember 11th I had to start early with two shows this day!

My first show was at the Audi Dealership in Richmond which is part of the Cowell Auto Group. This was a great family magic show for the annual Family Company Christmas party. They had their showroom turned into a banquet area for the morning with all of the cars out of there and a beautiful little stage area set up for, first me and then the real guest of honor, Santa Clause! I know the pecking order at Christmas time :)

I had a lot of fun with the audience at this event and a BIG thanks to Karen Sam Leong and all of the great staff and their famalies at the Richmond Audi location. I do have to say that I was hoping for an Audi R8 instead of my actual fee! Instead I got my fee, oh well, may be better luck next year :)  

After the morning show at Audi it was off to the community centre in Ladner to perform my 45 minute Christmcanadian-airways-limited-bag-labelas Comedy Magic Show at the annual Canadian Airways (lodge 764) Christmas event.

I have lost count how many years this has been now? I have been performing at this annual event for at least 4 or 5 years, may be longer. It’s always a big crowd of kids, parents and grandparents in a huge hall. I was not the only entertainment from BC either. They had great DJ’s, Bouncy castle, crafts, games and even the BIG guy himself.

Great fun, great day, back to it again soon!

2 Family shows in one day!

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childrens-christmas-partyDecember 10th and now I am into the full swing of the Christmas season. Only 15 more days to go until Christmas but lots of work to do, I love this time of year!

The first show of the day was a Family Christmas Party at the Champlain Heights Community Centre in Vancouver, BC. I was booked to perform my 30 minute Christmas Magic Show for the annual Santa Breakfast. We had a great turnout of mom’s, dad’s, kids and everyone in between.

After this it was off to West 37th Avenue to do a private Birthday Party Show for a much smaller group. Even though the numbers at the second show were smaller the audience had lots and lots of energy to keep the show great fun!

After two shows it was home to my new place in Port Coquitlam to get a little rest before the next fun filled day of shows!

Strolling Magic for QLT Pharmaceuticals

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qlt-logoAfter a free day in my schedule it was back work again on the 9th of December with two great events in the same night!

The first event took place at The Pan Pafic Hotel which many of you know as the cruise ship hotel located in Vancouver, BC. I was performing for a Pharmaceutical company called QLT.

I was hired to perform as a strolling magician for this event last year and it went so well that they invited me back again this year which was a BIG honor :) It’s always great when clients ask me back and become repeat customers.

The event was quite large and I performed during the cocktail reception entertainment hour before the crowd moved into the main banquet room for the dinner.

After my performance at the Pan Pacific it was off to The Sutton Place Hotel which is not too far away. I was booked by The Firstfirst-nations-summit-society Nations Summit Society to perform my stand up, 45 minute comedy magic show for a small group of about 50 guests.

The show went really well and the crowd was in hysterics! At one point a lady in the audience was laughing so hard that I thought she was not going to be able to stop :) It was really funny!!!

Two corporate events in downtown Vancouver in one night meant that I got home a little later than usual but it was totally worth it after a great night of special events!

Performing at the River Rock Casino!

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river_rock_casino_logoOn Wednesday the 7th of December I was invited to perform at the River Rock Casino in Richmond for the Back To Business Group on behalf of the Union Gospel Mission.

I have performed entertainment at the River Rock Casino a number of times. Every time I perform magic there it always reminds me of my first performance at the casino and the funny story that goes along with it.

I had never performed at a casino before and my first visit at the River Rock was a number of years ago. On this particular occasion I had to cross the casino floor to get to the showroom where I was performing. As I crossed the floor to the showroom I was shuffling a deck of cards in order to prepare for my performance. Having never been to a casino before the event I had no idea that shuffling a deck of cards while crossing a casino floor was a bit of a NO, NO!!! I got the idea very quickly as I was quickly surrounded by very important and strong looking men wearing black suits and ear pieces and ushered off to the other side of the casino!

Since then I always keep my deck of cards in my pocket!!

Back to Standard Life for Christmas!

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374711_10150408653787000_697486999_8786128_807770863_n1It was great being back at the Standard Life office buildings for yet another great year. I have lost count how many years I have now spent perfoming for Nannette Kaschula and the rest of the great staff at Standard Life. This has to be my 5th or 6th year.

The schedule was:

Lougheed Commerce Court (Burnaby) - Tuesday the 6th of December

Dunsmuir Building (Vancouver) – Wednesday the 7th of December

Howe Street Building (Vancouver) – Thursday the 8th of December

Every year they hire me to perform in the lobby (and elevator) of three of their corporate buildings in British Columbia. I perform between the hours of 7:30am and 9:30am as everyone comes in bleary eyed to work. It’s always fun as people are usually tired when they arrive but I good healthy dose of magic perks them right up!

I have also mastered the age old art of elevator magic at the Standard Life gigs as people that don’t have time to stand in the lobby and watch get me as their unexpected elevator magician. I even have specific magic tricks custom timed to the ammount of floors they are riding up. It’s hilarious fun!

So, a BIG thank you again to all of the staff, it’s always fun to see you and I look forward to seeing you all again for Christmas 2012!

Show for Iron Workers Local 97

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mlc20building2December 4th and the Christmas Season is now in full swing.

Today I was performing for the Iron Workers Union Christmas Party. This is the second year I have been invited to perform for this group and they have already booked for Christmas 2012 so I must be doing something right!

It always takes place at the Maritime Labour Centre which is a great venue for LARGE events as the banquet facility there is one of the biggest I have ever seen!

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